Join the Black Girls Book Club in Paradise

Divas on the tropical island of Tobago, a pristine Caribbean paradise, bursting with natural beauty and exotic flavours.  We will be here for 7 days touring, exploring and relaxing! With sisters from all over the world coming together for the sole purpose of SHARING our experiences and to create a new one- in Paradise.

If there was ever a place where tranquillity meets fun.. its Tobago. This tiny island is truly a Caribbean bliss.  Tobago is the twin sister island of Trinidad. Together, they form the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.  Trinidad is the hustle and bustle while Tobago is the laid back and beautiful little sister… Even a Trini will tell you just how stunning Tobago really is! (Locals approve).

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Book Club in Paradise

Aside from all the fun in the sun. In true, book club style, we will be brunching over books and participating in Sisterhood workshops to engage in stimulating debate and discussion.

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