The Curve Catwalk in Paradise 

11th – 18th of September 2024

Jiggle your beauty in Paradise


The Curve Catwalk’s renowned plus-size dance class from the vibrant streets of London will be moving location to the tropical settings of the Caribbean. The Curve Catwalk has teamed up with Divas in Paradise a women-led travel company to add the sunshine, cocktails and good vibes.  We will spend an unforgettable week-long vacation that combines the joy of dance, the beauty of Jamaica, and the celebration of every body.

Sway to the captivating beats of reggae and dancehall under the sun-kissed skies of Jamaica. Led by Trina and a team of local expert dance instructors, you will learn to move with confidence, embracing the unique beauty of your body through dance. 


Beyond the dance floor, Jamaica beckons with its natural wonders and rich culture. You will embark on guided tours to explore lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls, and pristine beaches that define Jamaica as paradise. Savour the authentic flavors of Jamaican cuisine, from jerk chicken to mouthwatering tropical fruits.  

Our especially crafted itinerary ensures that you have ample time to relax. From tranquil downtime that allows you to rejuvenate your spirit to delightful group dinners that foster connections, every aspect of your journey has been thoughtfully planned to provide you with a seamless and fulfilling escape.

Join us in Jamaica – where dance meets paradise, and every curve is a testament to your beauty!

What’s Included?

7 nights & 8 days in Jamaica



Dance Classes & Workshops


Airport Transfers

Sisterhood Support

Excursions and Tours


Let’s Create Memories 

The Curve Catwalk & Divas in Paradise 


At The Curve Catwalk, we believe that every body is beautiful, and this vacation is a celebration of self-expression and confidence. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or taking your first steps, our inclusive environment welcomes all levels and backgrounds. Dance, laugh, and make cherished memories with like-minded individuals who share your passion for movement and self-love.

At Divas in Paradise our trips are designed for open minded, curious travelers who enjoy living in the moment. Our ethos centres around responsible tourism, working and respecting local projects and businesses.  So if you love stepping outside your comfort zone, and love trying new things – join us in paradise.

Jamaica here we come!

11th of September -18th of September 2024

Trip Details

If you need more details, feel free to hit us up below

Who is this trip for?

Made for the solo traveler who does not want to travel solo, but instead with an interesting group of people and is not bothered with the planning and details but just showing up and having fun.  At Divas we strive to provide the highest level of customer service and to perfect every detail of your trip. Our trips are best suited to easy-going and those amenable to change in the diverse and unpredictable landscape of grass roots travel in the Caribbean.

Accommodation details

Here at Divas, our primary focus is curating a trip that explores the natural beauty, local culture and provides an immersive experience. Thus, we will not be staying at the Ritz-Carlton or Hyatt. 

All rooms are shared. You will be paired with another Diva (participant). If you are traveling with a friend and would like to share a room together just let us know. If you wish to upgrade to a single room please get in touch. Upgrades are dependent on availability and subject to charge. 

We seek unique accommodations with plenty of charm and character that provide a worthwhile experience and provide local immersion. It is important to note that our accommodations are not high-end or luxurious to keep it authentic.

Rest assured our accommodations are modern, clean, safe and well-maintained. 

Pricing and Payment Plans

The Curve CatWalk in Paradise costs £1400 per person for 7 nights and 8 days.

A non-refundable deposit of £200 is required for the booking. Final payment is due no later than 60 days before the scheduled trip. Please read our Terms & Conditions for further information about our booking policy.

Payment plans 

If you would like to request a payment plan, please email our team for approval. We will review your request and send you a suitable plan. Once the payment structure has been agreed upon, it is important to meet the payment deadlines. Failure to make a payment within 15 days of the due date will result in an automatic cancellation of your trip (and be subject to Cancellation by the Participant conditions, see Cancellation by the Participant). Payment plans are available and can be divided by the number of months up until 60 days prior to departure. Please note that there is an added administration fee of £10 on each monthly payment.

What's Included?

Accommodation  – 7 nights & 8 days

Airport pick up & drop off  – Sangster International Airport only. If you arrive or depart by other airports please note that you will have to make your own way to and from accommodation. Airport Transfers are only offered on the first and last day of trip. 

Activities,  Tours and experiences –  Listed in itinerary

Breakfast & meals – Meals included are listed in the itinerary

What's not included?


Travel insurance – This is mandatory to particpate on our trips.

Incidental expenses 

Alcohol & Meals 

Activities & Tours – Not listed in itineary

Gratituy & Tips 

Booking Details


Despite travelling to Jamaica many times throughout the years my trip curated by Jade of Divas in Paradise was one for the books. I very much enjoyed the dance class choreographed by award winning performer Goose TooKool – and was pleased that I had the opportunity to show off my moves at the 8 rivaz lounge on my final night.

Melissa Zara

Some of my favourite highlights of the trip were the morning Tai chi session accompanied by picturesque costal views of the Caribbean sea, exploring the rapids and boating to the beach, a Jamaican dance class with Goose TooKool (a fantastic dancer and great teacher), Blue Hole adventure (for thrill seekers!), our day trip to Kingston and the crafts market in Ochi.

Jessica Diamond

The team went above and beyond to look after us and make sure we had an beautiful experience in Jamaica.

Sol’s Oasis is an absolutely beautiful location in the heart of Oracabessa with an untouched beach less than a 10 min walk away. The food is exquisite and was the most enjoyable part of my Divas stay.

Natalie Carter

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