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Divas in Paradise mixes good vibes, off-beaten path tours, immersive experiences and brings together inspiring people.

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Our travel experiences take you on a unique journey to explore tropical settings, allow you to meet new people, and sip cocktails in paradisical destinations. Whether you are a seasoned solo traveler or more of a group explorer, we ensure a sun-kissed glow, new friends for life, and a culturally immersive experience.

Divas in Paradise is a truly bespoke travel company created by and for women of colour. We curate a comfortable, safe space to openly discuss and further understand issues that affect us most. An essential element of our trips is the Sisterhood Workshop series,  which aims to raise awareness on provocative issues, uplift, and inspire all divas who share in this experience.

Our trips are developed not only with the participant in mind but also consider the best ways to travel in a conscientious manner that respects local life, supports the local economy, and leaves a positive impact. – Jade Whyne, Founder 

100% Organic

Our Diva trips are carefully crafted to ensure you are fully exposed to the local culture, discover the exciting nooks and crannies and just live your best life- in paradise!

Our visit to Tobago was truly the trip of a lifetime. Divas in Paradise offers an authentic insight into the Caribbean way of life, local communities while giving you the opportunity as a tourist to embrace the culture and celebrate your heritage


– Jessica D, 2018 | Divas Tobago

There's something so magical about women coming together and this company facilitates that so well that everyone feels comfortable, safe and confident. I love the sisterhood workshops especially in an environment you can connect with nature


– Trina Charles 2017 & 2018 | Tobago & Jamaica

Divas in Paradise exceeded my expectations. The emphasis on connecting with nature is the most memorable experience! The food was exceptional and as authentic as it comes. I would love to join the Divas in Paradise again!

Shannon, Jamaica 2018

Sep 11-18 2024

The Curve Catwalk in Paradise

The ladies from the UK’s hottest dance group will be soaking up the Caribbean sun, vibes, and energy with this girls’ getaway. Expect audacious dancehall classes!

TBC 2024

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Get away from it all! If you need some time to just work on that business idea you have always thought about launching. Join us in Jamaica our aim is to inspire you to get those creative juices flowing to get that business ready for launch.

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Divas In Paradise – A brand owned & operated by V2 Volunteer & Vacation Ltd (UK registered Tour Operator)

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