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Travel with like-minded women

Divas in Paradise is a truly bespoke travel experience created by and for women of colour. We curate a comfortable, safe space to openly discuss and further understand issues that affect us most. An essential element to our trips is the Sisterhood Workshop series, which aim to raise awareness, uplift and inspire all divas who share in this experience.

Our Diva trips are carefully crafted to ensure you are fully exposed to the local culture, discover the exciting nooks and crannies and just live your best life- in paradise!

We partner with influencers, groups, and clubs to host our tropical trips. Diva trips that are open for reservation are displayed on our website. If you want to collaborate with us to create an unforgettable tailor-made travel experience, get in touch, Diva!

Creating Memories

No topic is off topic

Our Sisterhood Workshops are hosted by different Power Divas who share their vast knowledge, experience and skills on a variety of topics, from the natural hair movement to local social and economic issues. Each workshop topic is carefully designed and planned by our invited Power Diva. We are open to thought-provoking themes that impact our community. Join the conversation!

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We’ve Got You Covered

Divas in Paradise is a UK registered Tour Operator


All of our trips factor in time to learn, reflect, and share. Divas leave feeling inspired, refreshed, and ready to take action.


Where you stay can make or break the Vacay… We’ve got the perfect setting for you to feel like you’re at a home away from home!


You will delve into a picturesque paradise with access to top attractions and idyllic hideaways.



We’ve got you sis. We settle you in, connect you with sisters from around the world, immerse you into the local culture while creating an ambience of sisterhood.

Jamaica 2020

The Black Girls Book Club in Paradise

Thursday 28th of May – Thursday 4th of June 2020